Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kaiten Sushi

In Japan, Sushi is very popular food.

In particular, Kaiten Sushi(Belt-conveyor sushi)is
most popular.

At Kaiten Sushi restaurant,

Many sushi dishes are moving very slowly on the belt conveyor.
we select the dish we want to eat,
and pick up the dish and eat.

Please check the pictures!




I want to explain the reason Kaiten Sushi is popular in Japan.

1.Lower price
Sushi is expensive food.
But we can eat Kaiten Sushi at lower price.

Now , kaiten sushi is very delicious!

3.Many kinds of dishes
We can eat many kinds of dishes.
Not only fish sushi but also, cake, ice cream,
sweets, noodle etc.


Many dishes is moving all time.
So,we can eat very quickly!

Of course, I like Kaiten Sushi!

If you come to Japan, I will take you there!

By the way,

this is Christmas season,
many customers buy our items!

Thank you very much!

We appreciate you very much!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chiristmas present from customer

Today, we received Christmas present from our customer.

He is our very good customer and buy several times from our store.

We are very surprized he send such beautiful and lovely gift to us.

We are very very pleased it.

Thank you Ken!!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Wakasagi Smelt fishing the best season in winter

Today, Lily talking about Wakasagi Turi.

In winter season, smelt (small fish)
is going to be top season for fishing in Japan.

Mainly, we do smelt fishing at the lake.
Even if the water of lake is frozen,
we make hole and fish smelt with small tackles.

So, smelt fishing is the fighting with cold weather.
We must keep warm otherwise we catch the cold...

This is example.


But, nowadays we do not have to feel cold
when we do Smelt fishing "Wakasagi Tsuri" in Japan.

Wakasagi Boat on Yamanaka lake is the latest style
using solar electric power.
You can feel warm and fish smelt "in" the boat.

Check out the wakasagi tsuri style in Japan


*Sorry it is in Japanese but you can see pics.

Since it is very comfortable on the boat,
small kidz and old people are enjoy wakasagi fishing.

Also wakasagi is very small, fishing rod and
reel is very small. Please check below blog
which I wrote last winter about wakasagi electric
reel like PC mouse.


Smelt is very good for Tempura (battered and deep-frie)!
I love eating Wakasagi Tempura with salt.


Thank you for reading !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fishing show Osaka 2012

Fishing show Osaka 2012 
Рыбалка показать Осаке 2012

I introduce 2012 fishing show OSAKA today!

Please check the URL.


(this year,we went there http://bit.ly/tEbrYb )

Many fishing manufacturers exhibit their new items!

This is exhibitors list.

It is a very attractive event for the person of the fishing enthusiast!

Many fishing retailers and wholesalers ,anglers go there.

Of course, we will participate in the event.

If you want to go to the event for checking or buying new fishing items,
please contact us.

I will guide you!
(If you want to go for sightseeing in Osaka, I will guide you ^^)

This picture is last year's Fishing Show Osaka 2011

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Biwa Lake Biggest lake in Japan

Hi! today, Lily sends you newsletter to you!

Yesterday, I met with my old friend who likes bass fishing.
He goes to Biwa lake for bass fishing every weekend.
He tought me the problem of bass fishing in biwa lake.

Biwa lake is the largest lake in Japan.
Now, Biwa lake is known as major bass fishing point in Japan.


Original bass is alien species in Japan.

Freshwater trout, Crucian carp, Carp, Catfish and etc originally live

Someone discharged bass fish to Biwa lake and the number of bass bigger
and bigger, as bass is larger and much stronger than Biwa lake's local
fish and eat them up.

Local people want to protect original nature of Biwa lake and work hard
to protect it and do hard expulsion of bass. In Local law, if you catch
bass, releasing is prohibited and must take it to the bass clean box
which settled many places around Biwa lake.

But most of bass fisher do not do that. According to them, they do not
want expulsion the bass and simply annoying to take it to the bass clean box.

Moreover, much bigger sized bass is seemed to be discharged. My friend
says bigger sized bass is easily caught recently.

Now Bass fishing is major sports and give many profit to the people who
work around Biwa lake, fishing shop, restaurant, hotels and so on. On
the other hand, we must protect the nature. It is difficult problem for

In your country, is there problem like this?

Below map shows where bass clean boxes settled