Monday, December 6, 2010

Smelt Fishing with Electric reel in Japan

In winter, Smelt fishing season came in Japan.

We Japanese love Smelt "wakasagi" tenpura!

Now in Japan, smelt fishing has new wave with electric reel looks like "PC MOUSE".

He is not clicking PC, he is catching Smelt!!

This small pc mouse look electric reel is sold from DAIWA, called "CRISTIA".

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The jackal Ltd. and Shimano Ltd. form a business tie-up.

The jackal Ltd. and Shimano Ltd. announced the business tie-up concerning the joint product development etc. between the two companies.

The manufacturer from the reel and the rod to wear and articles that releases goods of [sei]. Shimano Ltd.It has always proposed a new product, the function, and the system, etc. by the original technology as development type manufacturing. On the other hand, the jackal Ltd. is a manufacturer that appoints two top, underground people who represent Japan by the genre of the lure named Seiji chairman Kato and Toshiro president Ono in the head, piles actually in the field, and has acquired a steady brand royalty according to the knowhow that has been cultivated.

Shimano is assuming that the jackal wants to share a big influence in the material, technology, and the fishing tackle market of Shimano jackal's abundant knowledge and "Sensibility" by this tie-up.

The two companies will want to contribute to the development of an expansion of the expansion of the fishing culture spread and the sportfisherman entrance and new customers and established by the tie-up again.

"The possibility arises for all the one and all fishing tackles" is Mr. Kato of the jackal.
In the future, I want to expect it from the union of tag in not only the product development but also all respects like the event and the campaign, etc. of the product that the two companies invent from both sides of hardware and software.

Freshness of fish

Adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP), two adenosine phosphoric acid (ADP), one adenosine phosphoric acid, and adenylic acid (AMP) are important materials in working of the fish muscle. This is the one with freshness of the fish and big relations. How did inosinic acid (IMP) of the profit element that increased whenever it resolved when postmortem of the fish, and time was increased and hypoxanthine (HX) accumulate?Moreover, it becomes the standard of measurement for the freshness of the fish because this degradative pathway is measured, and this is ..K value.. ..calling.. [pimasu].

There is working of ATP when the fish is alive. However, the digestive enzyme of autologous cells begins to be good when the replacement death rigor starts from this and IMP increases when postmortem. It is called that it ripens, and it visits as it is with the time passage, and the enzyme such as bacilli works and, this time, it advances to rot after death rigor is released this phenomenon comprehensible.

It is a long ages when explaining plainly though the head might become painful while reading these sentences. The index that becomes soft whenever the texture of the freshness 100 percent increases time in the state of [korikori] the body, gets on by the resin, and shows a process advanced by ripening in a scientific manner is said. Time like any does an increase in the visited profit element happen with these freshness decreases?There is a big difference by fish's treatment about this. However, the inosinic acid in 24 hours says that it will receive MAX as a usual mean value of the amount of ..reaching..

However, these are easily operated with our hand, and the freshness maintenance becomes possible. This indicates the processing such as the delays of the proliferation of miscellaneous germs before the fish finishes ripening by delaying death rigor by alive tightening and work of pulling out blood, and doing the belly pulling out at the early stage. Therefore, I think proof of the fishing master's of us usually keeping delicious not defeated at the fresh fish shop made in a scientific manner.

However, it is necessary to care to all in the zebra because the fate ..delicious.. of this fish changes how it processes it at the caught moment ..the refrigerator after fishing ends...
Way only of difficult, as long as these sentences are seen troublesome thing. However, it is not a little that the fish spoils by the self-temperature, and rot advances while not knowing even if here pays attention when becoming a big fish such as [warasa] either.

Might in our mouth always delicious sushi shop's fish through the workman from the fisherman and the market and it be in all the processes to entering the [ki**] bur.
After all, because all processes of these work can be done for myself, the sportfisherman is terrible.

Friday, September 10, 2010

13 years old Japanese girl caught 99.6 Swordfish

The second grade of junior high-school 13-year-old girl caught 99.6 kilos of Swordfish tuna with the Toba billfish tournament international game in spite of the first participation on July 31. (Ise Shima economic newspaper)

The fishing rod is gripped at three-year-old time, and as for the grass carp of 13.35 kilos every seven years old, Mr./Ms. Shimizu of the Nagoya City Kita Ward living fishes the carp of 9.65 kilos every nine years old, and is skill as the recognition of the world record is both received. The record has not been broken now.

Mr./Ms. Shimizu「I will think that it took about one and a half hours by catching. It was possible to fish thanks to everyone's rooting though the limit of my physical strength was felt, it became unpleasant on the way, and it had started giving it up. It is very glad. 」It solved and the impression was leaked.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Aori-Ika cuttlefish is now on season in Japan

My friend Mr.Daishi Fukushima from Shiga,

Japan get big Aori-ika using eging.

LINE: #2

ROD: 2.4m Lure Rod

LURE:  Japanese Lure

EGI Weight: 19g

Friday, September 3, 2010

Keep fresh your fish after fishing

This is the story of ice water, and without blood. And have a fishing boat, "Aim to ice-water fish is now" the captain heard that advice. But anglers do not protect it "bleeding the first blood" should consider. I am one of them was a matter of fact.

But when I tried to verify this fact recently, the revelation of the face.Actually ice water, and ice fishing in words (Ice water) is called. Correctly refers to the piercing cold ice water.

When you put the fish live here without damage, and stretch the body of the fish by rapidly cooling the blood vessels and also shrink.This tightens the blood vessels so that blood before turning the body is easier to judge is the advantage while maintaining the freshness of fish.

However, many anglers are poured fished from the water cooler, and leave a living fish into the bucket.Say what's wrong with this treatment, as the word rot live fish live fish at first glance, is that changes occur in the body in the environment. In case the fish bucket develop symptoms such as stomach ulcers in humans say.

The fish which is easily affected by sudden changes in temperature, human body temperature is quite different. Understand that this care in the use of fish freshness, we can find it more delicious fish.

People who want more will the blood of fish still. White fish for example, in January or February whether to build the quality of treatment without blood, as well as to affect the taste of sick.So, what is valid without any blood? It begins to discard the idea completely overtake the blood.You get to see in the field, and how bones and hurt themselves while never perfect, and how water enters the cut thing. Ella pig or a hole if you really get rid off the blood, I think I have to put out the blood around the kidney damage?I often hear "broken neck" and "without nerves." This can delay the rigor mortis of fish and bring the effect of extracting a lot of blood.

But the story of fishing on the end.Anglers need to be brought back to the fish in our little damage, you can store and quickly processed. By changing just a few points of concern may draw more fish to umami.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Tackle Umi's September special offer is DAIWA TANACOM bull 1000 Fe AGAIN !!!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big KWE, Longtooth Grouper hit!

In japan Longtooth Grouper is one of the High class (expensive) fish which people love to eat in winter time.

116 cm long and weighs 26 kilograms of the
Grouper , the city worker Taisha Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, Japan, Mr. Kazuo Moriyama (54)caught. Fishing is the only parrot in the city in June in Japan. We have been talking about the angler fishing for big series.

Grouper is at around 11 pm Sept. 28 on the island with the town Hinomisaki, frozen mackerel bait, yarn road No. 80, No. 30, Haris wire, No. 45 needles, about 2 minutes per entry No. 50 in weight once the fish up.

Mr. Moriyama was fishing 30 years. Grouper are challenging fishing for 10 years, and is the first hung, "you have the (sea), the moment you enter, first this and I have』, flabbergasted and very big increase in the crazy dream. came true "and are thrilled.

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No1 Striped beakfish in Japan

Japan. Mr. Oyama Hukuda Tomoyasu Izumo self-employed (40), Ura, the only town in size Miho Fish city (plate Taku), the parrot fish of 84.5 cm, broke the national record in 16 years. 2 cm were also updated once the top record in the world of a millimeter. "Extraordinary record" and that the kidnapping of a fellow fishing topics.

Mr. Fukuda, the only aim the nose from the floor too large bay at 11 am June 19. Harris is the 44th entry of yarn road No. 24 wire, # 20 needle only parrot, # 50 weight. Feed on the turban, to wait for 2.5 hours less per. I was taken in hand by the reaction of our strike, strong arguments to the big gut. "Attracted close to something, even Nagarata Sukuiageta in fighting" he said. I measure to bring fishing tackle shops in the city has been designated weigh stations belonging to Shimane Prefecture Rock Fishing Association, weighing 9.2 kg was very big.

Fish was sent to West Rock Fishing Council of the federation umbrella organization, carefully check the review. 84.5 cm were authorized. The previous national record, was caught inches Taku 82.5 cm in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1994. The latest issue of monthly magazine released on July 24 with a nationwide network fishing "in Japan" stamp of approval given.
In one of the current , Izumo, a company executive wealth of the city known fishing expert parrot, Mr. Hiroshi Hitoshi Matsumura (50) "I'm proud to come from Shimane amazing record" and wild with joy. The 20-year history of fishing, five years ago, "King of the surf," says Fukuda parrot aim is "to give away, as he had a big game so many times over his own record of 65 inches, nice," he said.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Teru Okamoto Produce Miya Epoch COMMAND X-4HP DEEP MASTER

TackleUmi This month' special discount products is

Teru Okamoto produse Miya Epoch CX-4HP deep master!

Ultimate middle to light deep electric reel !

This modek is limited edtion which already finished manufacuring.

It is rare to find even in Japan!!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Alpha Tackle Polaris English manual !

Alpha Tackle is one of the brand of Atec Inc, the number 4th fishing products maker in Japan. Alpha Tackle series is very popular amang Japanese anglers with it's quality and cost performance.
However, since Atec sell their electric reel only in Japan, there is no English manual.
So, we - Tackle-umi make original English manual for Alpha Tackle Polatris iv500 English manual.
This Alpha Tackle Polatris iv500 is compact but powerfull electric reel , best for beginner.
We highly recommend your 1st electric reel for this Japan made High quality Polaris iv500.
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tackle-Umi Blog Start! Nice to meet you!


I am Mikiya Arai, Tackle Umi's Owner.

I start Blog today!

I will offer new products and sales information , and write about a daily life at this blog.

Our store is located at Osaka in Japan.

The Osaka Castle of the sightseeing spot is near our store.

I have taken a picture of it.


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