Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Shimano New Stella ,, what would have changed exactly?

Stella is now a model change, what would have changed exactly?

Much tougher 

The most remarkable point of New Stells SW 2013 is Toughness.
It has ”X-SHIP”.

In other Shimano spinning reel is the X-SHIP has already become the standard, which included in this 2013 Stella SW too, the power of the gear transmission efficiency is improved.
The winding reel handle, the rotation is transmitted to the gear, the force is transmitted by meshing between the gear, the rotor is rotated finally, the line is wound. In this case, the loss of power is caused inevitably in high gear reel weighs resistance has been a bottleneck in particular wound. However, the reel is equipped with an X-SHIP this loss is significantly reduced, and I will be able to take up a force lighter than before.

In addition, newly installed is "X-RIGID GEAR". This is the main gear has become a short, thick and sturdy. When you fight against ultra-large fish in Salt, a significant burden is expected to the main gear. Because it comes to gear is distorted as it was caught just a few, here are my strength is very important.

Additional parts will take "X-RIGID HANDLE" or, "X-RIGID BAIL
", such as the burden " X-RIGID ROTOR" "X-RIGID" entirely, is the high rigidity that is devised by the thickness of the material and shape.

Drag performance has been improved

Drag the Stella SW 13, was marked with "X" in the name "X-TOUGH DRAG" and this also. As a result of examining material, thickness, and friction, "smooth" and "strength" seems to have improved.

Much Heavier

As a result of pursuing a rigid, Stella SW 2013 was a little heavier than the 08 model for parts of each part is thicker.

You can purchase New Stella SW 2013 model from here

Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 Shimano New Stella SW 5000PG & 6000HG have just arrived!!!

Shimano New Stella SW 5000PG & 6000HG have just arrived our store!!!

Sorry for keep waiting you who ordered these models!!
We will ship out within today, you may be able to get it this weekend or next week!! 

Please try Shimano New Stella SW soon!!

Other models release time is late. According to Shimano, Most of other modekls which scheduled to release on March 2013 will be ready to early or mid of April. Please wait!!

 You can order now!!
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Shimano New Stella SW 5000PG

Shimano New Stella SW 6000HG

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shimano New Metanium 2013 March new release

Shimano newly released NEW METANIUM on March 2013.

Conpact body with new developed technology of Shimano

  • SVS∞ (New Metanium Mechanism)
  • New Centrifugal force brake system
  • External brake adjustment dial
  • Stepless setting
  • Micro-gear module
  • X-Ship

Shimano New Metanium Normal type USD420.00

Shimano New Metanium HG (High Gear Model)  USD420.00

Shimano New Metanium XG (Xtra Gear Model) OVER 90 USD

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fishing show Yokohama 2013 - Japan Fishing festical 2013

Fishing show Yokohama 2013 - Japan Fishing festical 2013 has started in Yokohama from NOW!

Shimano and Daiwa announced they have much bigger space and more new items rather than Fishing show Osaka 2013. We hope to be there to check them.

Daiwa and Shimano and other tackle manufactures will be release new prodcuts after this show.

We may be able to receive Shimano New stella SW and other new items next week, we hope....

We are receiving many orders from our customers for new items and hope to be able to shipout next week....

We still receive booking for Shimano New stella SW on our Stella site.
Book Now and get Shimano New stella SW and  try the latest models before anyone else!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

ABU garcia ambassadeur Revo Elite8 & 7

ABU garcia japan release new baitgasting reel
ABU garcia ambassadeur  Revo Elite8 & 7 on March 2013

Now some models will arrive our shop tomorrow!!

Order brand new release ABU garcia ambassadeur  Revo Elite8 & 7  from our store!!


  • Weight 170g
  • C6 Carbonfosed side plate
  • Large diameter Duralumin Gear II (8% up)
  • 80mm (ELITE7) & 90mm (ELITE8) carbon crank handle
  • IVCB-6 brake
  • 9+1 HPCR bearings
  • New style EVA knob
  • 4lb-100m(12lb-100m backing line include)
  • Drag clicker


Item Conditionnew
Line/Handle Turn83cm
MAX Drag7kg
Gear ratio8 : 0 : 1
Line capacityNylon 12lb-120 14lb-100 16lb-85

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