Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Daiwa SEABORG 300J 2014 May OUT! Electric reel Japan

Daiwa release New SEABORG 300J this May 2014.

One hand concept electric reel with Jog Power Lever makes it possible for you  react quickly to intention, a more intuitive operation.

Beside SEABORG 300MJ which already Daiwa released 2012 & 2013, they have twin motors and high price, this new SEABORG 300J has only one motor but they support the price with  latest technology, MAGSEALED.

MAGSEALED is the latest technology of Daiwa Japan - Durable and waterproof technology.

We have checked this New Daiwa SEABORG 300J at Fishing Show Osaka 2014
Check out the Movie!!
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Shimano Beast Master 6000 Fishing show Osaka 2014

We have visited Fishing Show Osaka 2014.

Shimano release  many powerful electric reel this season.
Especially, they release two powerful BeastMaster. 9000 & 6000.

BeastMaster 6000 was not on New catalog but we could check the demo-model on Fishing show Osaka 2014.
Release date is unknown

Gear Ratio: 3.0
Max Drag: 30kg
Weight: 1355g
Bearing: 14/2/0
Max winiding power: 113kg
Normal winding power: 19kg
Max winding speed: ---

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Daiwa STEEZ LTD. SV TN (Toshi Namiki version) will be released May 2014

Professional Bass Angler Toshi Namiki Version of STEEZ LTD. SV TN will be released from Daiwa Japan on May 2014!!!

Designed with a deep groove SV spool of long-awaited " STEEZ Limited TN version " , as the base  "Toshi Namiki" of the world is the face of STEEZ, tree-lined Toshinari is doting " STEEZ " , function , itself satisfied with both the design model of the feelings that drove you to go .

Its features thorough weight reduction .
Including the handle , star drag and side plate carbon resin material ZAION made ​​having both rigidity and lightness . Such as adopting a titanium screw up handle nut , screw the mug dial , with a small stack , it was achieved ( January 2014 ) is the most lightweight 148g of bait at Daiwa finesse with the exception of the model .

The coloring consists of red and black tree-lined themselves repute " is the color of concentration , or feeling enters , color coming on fire " he said. It is " the highest peak model of crimson " both in name and reality of Namiki Toshinari full supervision .

If you want to order this reel, please contact us. We will try to get it for you!!!

Handle turn: 67cm
Gear Ratio: 6.3
Weight: 148g
Max Drag: 148kg
Line capacity: Nylon14/45-90 16-40~80
Bearing: 11/1

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Shimano New Stella 2014 Book Now!!

We have opened our shopping page for Shimano Stella 2014.

New Stella will be released on March 2014 or later.

If you book from our store, we will ship out your ordered item as soon as we receive the first shipment from Shimano Japan. You may be able to receive Shimano New Stella 2014 before anyone else in your country!!

Check out the details and Book now!

Shimano New Stella 2014 All Lineup

Shimano release New Stella 2014 on March or later.
This is full lineup of New Stella 2014

New STELLA 1000PGS Power gear & shallow spool model
New STELLA C2000S Compact type & shallowspool model
New STELLA C2000HGS Compact, high gear & shallow spool model
New STELLA C2500HGS Compact, high gear & shallow spool model
New STELLA 2500 Normal model
New STELLA 2500S Shallow spool model
New STELLA 2500HGS High gear & shallow spool model
New STELLA C3000 Compact model
New STELLA C3000SDH Compact, shallow & double handle model
New STELLA C3000XG Compact & extra high gear model
New STELLA 3000HGM High Gear & medium deep spool model
New STELLA 3000HG High gear model
New STELLA 4000 Normal model
New STELLA 4000XG Extra high gear model