Friday, November 28, 2014

Shimano Forcemaster 4000 released from Shimano Japan

Shimano Forcemaster  seriese has new model "Shimano Forcemaster 4000", middle sized electric power assist reel.
It is just released Shimano Japan end of November 2014.

Maximum winding power is at 45kg, 
Max drag power at 26kg!

Good for Bonito, Cod and other middle deep fishing.

Gear Ratio: 3.1
weight: 1450g
Line Capacity:
PE #5/600m  #6/500m  #8/300m #10/270m
Bearings: 5/0
MAX Drag: 26.0kg
MAX Winding Speed: 135m/min
MAX Winding Power: 56kg

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dropout Tuna of Kinki University - Kindai Tuna booming at Wakayama-Bay

Do you know "Kindai-Tuna"?

"Kindai-Tuna" is bluefin tuna that are 100 percent farmed from bluefin roe at Kinki University.
Recently around Wakayama Bay in Japan, many anglers caught 50kg-100kg Bluefin Tuna. According to them, There were several very big Typhoon this summer to fall, the net of Kindai-farm broken and thousand of Bluefin Tuna escaped from there, and anglers could caught big Tuna there.
Anglers called them as "Dropout Tuna" as each Tuna has Diploma when we eat Kindai-tuna at restaurant. Because,,They graduate Kinki University farm!!

Oh,,,by the way,,I wish I could go there to catch big tunas...they are so delicious and very expensive!!

Where you may be able to catch Escape Tuna at Wakayama-Bay in Japan