Friday, January 25, 2013

Daiwa Seaborg150J double handled electric reel

Daiwa will release new electric reel Seaborg150J.

Last season, they have released left handled electric reel Seaborg300MJ-L,
This season, they release compact model for seaborg J series and they use double handled for electric reel.

I have never seen double handled electric reel like this.

This is compact but Daiwa use MAGMAX motor for it and it has max winding power at 35KG!


Left = Seaborg 150J-DH-L will be released April
Right = Seaborg 150J-DH will be released June


Left = Seaborg 150J-L will be released March
Right = Seaborg 150J will be released May

If you want to book this brand new electric reel, contact us as soon as possible!!!

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