Thursday, August 23, 2012

Delicious Fish freshwater eel "Unagi"

In Japan,it is summer season!
It is Very Very hot!

We eat many deliciou fish dishes to overcome
this hot and hard season.
As you know, we eat many kinds of fish.

And we sometimes eat eel.
Most of Japanese people love to eat eel
because of it's delicious tast and
also it's power.
Eel is well known as energy food in Japan.

We eat eel with Teriyaki taste with rice.
(In japan,about this eel's dish, we say "Kabayaki")

Of course, I Love it!
I recommend you to eat Kabayaki than sushi!



Eel's price is increasing at very high speed.
(because of changing world enviroment,catch many baby eel ,
other asian's people start eating eel too)


This year,,,,

Many Eeel's restaurant increase "Kabayaki price"

About this "kabayaki" menu

US$30-40(higher about US$10-15!!)

If we eat delicious "KABAYKI",
we have to pay about US$35...

Very expensive...

I hope eel's price will decrease

How about your country???

Fish price is stable???

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