Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shimano ForceMaster 9000 new release on July

We received information from Shimano that they will release
NEW Shimano ForceManster 9000 on July.

 We have no picture of Shimano ForceMaster 9000 yet but details will....

MAX Rewind power : 72kg!!
MAX winding speed: 135m/m
MAX Drag : 25kg
PE6 1100m / PE8 900m

 The powerful and compact model will be good for deep fishing.

Not big as Shimano Dendoumaru Beastmaster 9000, and the price will be reasonable.

The pec of this model is very similar to Daiwa Tanacon Bull 1000 which is very popular electric reels amang our cusmters. So, we are very exited for this new model, they will like this model.

The price will be similar too.

Of course, we will make English manual as soon as possible!!

We will let you know details soon on this blog!

This Picture is ForceMaster 3000MK

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