Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shimano ForceMaster 2000 MK electric reel

Shimano annaounced 3rd of December that they will releas new electric reel on December.

They will release Shimano Forcemaster 2000MK which almost same model as Shimano ForceMaster 3000MK.

 Shimano ForceMaster 2000 MK is cool desighned electric reel which has big display.
Compact but powerful with MUTEKI motor, and you can enjoy exciting sound with e-exciting drag sound system.

Gear ratio: 5.1
Weight: 655g
Max drag: 11.5
Bearing: 10/2/1
PE3-500m, PE4-400m, PE-300m
Winding speed: 185m/min

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