Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The jackal Ltd. and Shimano Ltd. form a business tie-up.

The jackal Ltd. and Shimano Ltd. announced the business tie-up concerning the joint product development etc. between the two companies.

The manufacturer from the reel and the rod to wear and articles that releases goods of [sei]. Shimano Ltd.It has always proposed a new product, the function, and the system, etc. by the original technology as development type manufacturing. On the other hand, the jackal Ltd. is a manufacturer that appoints two top, underground people who represent Japan by the genre of the lure named Seiji chairman Kato and Toshiro president Ono in the head, piles actually in the field, and has acquired a steady brand royalty according to the knowhow that has been cultivated.

Shimano is assuming that the jackal wants to share a big influence in the material, technology, and the fishing tackle market of Shimano jackal's abundant knowledge and "Sensibility" by this tie-up.

The two companies will want to contribute to the development of an expansion of the expansion of the fishing culture spread and the sportfisherman entrance and new customers and established by the tie-up again.

"The possibility arises for all the one and all fishing tackles" is Mr. Kato of the jackal.
In the future, I want to expect it from the union of tag in not only the product development but also all respects like the event and the campaign, etc. of the product that the two companies invent from both sides of hardware and software.

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