Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Freshness of fish

Adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP), two adenosine phosphoric acid (ADP), one adenosine phosphoric acid, and adenylic acid (AMP) are important materials in working of the fish muscle. This is the one with freshness of the fish and big relations. How did inosinic acid (IMP) of the profit element that increased whenever it resolved when postmortem of the fish, and time was increased and hypoxanthine (HX) accumulate?Moreover, it becomes the standard of measurement for the freshness of the fish because this degradative pathway is measured, and this is ..K value.. ..calling.. [pimasu].

There is working of ATP when the fish is alive. However, the digestive enzyme of autologous cells begins to be good when the replacement death rigor starts from this and IMP increases when postmortem. It is called that it ripens, and it visits as it is with the time passage, and the enzyme such as bacilli works and, this time, it advances to rot after death rigor is released this phenomenon comprehensible.

It is a long ages when explaining plainly though the head might become painful while reading these sentences. The index that becomes soft whenever the texture of the freshness 100 percent increases time in the state of [korikori] the body, gets on by the resin, and shows a process advanced by ripening in a scientific manner is said. Time like any does an increase in the visited profit element happen with these freshness decreases?There is a big difference by fish's treatment about this. However, the inosinic acid in 24 hours says that it will receive MAX as a usual mean value of the amount of ..reaching..

However, these are easily operated with our hand, and the freshness maintenance becomes possible. This indicates the processing such as the delays of the proliferation of miscellaneous germs before the fish finishes ripening by delaying death rigor by alive tightening and work of pulling out blood, and doing the belly pulling out at the early stage. Therefore, I think proof of the fishing master's of us usually keeping delicious not defeated at the fresh fish shop made in a scientific manner.

However, it is necessary to care to all in the zebra because the fate ..delicious.. of this fish changes how it processes it at the caught moment ..the refrigerator after fishing ends...
Way only of difficult, as long as these sentences are seen troublesome thing. However, it is not a little that the fish spoils by the self-temperature, and rot advances while not knowing even if here pays attention when becoming a big fish such as [warasa] either.

Might in our mouth always delicious sushi shop's fish through the workman from the fisherman and the market and it be in all the processes to entering the [ki**] bur.
After all, because all processes of these work can be done for myself, the sportfisherman is terrible.

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