Friday, September 10, 2010

13 years old Japanese girl caught 99.6 Swordfish

The second grade of junior high-school 13-year-old girl caught 99.6 kilos of Swordfish tuna with the Toba billfish tournament international game in spite of the first participation on July 31. (Ise Shima economic newspaper)

The fishing rod is gripped at three-year-old time, and as for the grass carp of 13.35 kilos every seven years old, Mr./Ms. Shimizu of the Nagoya City Kita Ward living fishes the carp of 9.65 kilos every nine years old, and is skill as the recognition of the world record is both received. The record has not been broken now.

Mr./Ms. Shimizu「I will think that it took about one and a half hours by catching. It was possible to fish thanks to everyone's rooting though the limit of my physical strength was felt, it became unpleasant on the way, and it had started giving it up. It is very glad. 」It solved and the impression was leaked.

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