Saturday, September 10, 2011

Abu Garcia ambassadeur Revo MGX,MGX-SHS now on sale!

TackleUmi bait reel store update new item "Abu Garcia ambassadeur Revo MGX,MGX-SHS".

The next generation of the REVOlution continues with the 5.4 ounce RevoR MGX. The combination of an enhanced compact design with our ground-breaking X-Mag? alloy frame and C6 carbon sideplates produce the evolution of ultra-lightweight low profile reel technology.
Because this reel is so much more compact and ergonomic than anything on the market today, we introduced new gear ratios for the MGX that provide similar line retrieve rates as other existing Revo reels. The Revo MGX 7.1:1 gear ratio provides similar inches per turn "IPT" to other standard 6.4:1 Revo models (28" IPT). The Revo MGX 7.9:1 high speed gear ratio model provides similar IPT to other 7.1:1 high speed Revo models (31" IPT).

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