Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alpha tackle POLARIS IV500

The ultimate compact reel for beginners & advanced anglers  

Today, We would like to introduce tackleumi electric reel store's popular item, Alpha tackle POLARIS IV500.

Alpha Tackle is one of the brand of Atec Inc, they are not so famous like Daiwa or Shimano, but they are the number 4th fishing products maker in Japan. Alpha Tackle series is very popular among Japanese anglers with it's quality and cost performance.

Alpha tackle POLARIS IV500 is compact sized electric reel which is match for beginner but of course, good for the Veteran.

This is Japan domestic model, it means owners manual and control panel is written in Japanese.
But do not warry!

Takcleumi make original English owners manual for you!
You can get this English manual only from tackleumi!!

Get Alpha tackle POLARIS IV500 NOW!!

>> http://www.electric-reel.com/alphatackle/alpha_iv500.html>>

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