Friday, September 30, 2011

You can see under water!

Today, we would like to introduce fun item for fishing, called "Umi-naka miru-zou" means, you can see under the sea.

You can see clearly and powerful images with a 16:9 wide LCD screen up to 20 meters

Ultra wide-angle lens underwater panorama ● (about 90 degrees viewing angle)
AA Alkaline batteries 4 cans (new) for about 60-90 minutes drive
simple line code type winding reel (20 meters standard, extended 10 meters)
Sao your existing ● (3.5 mm internal diameter than the top guide) to be installed easily

Size: 205 × 180 × 110 mm monitor part, weighs 660 grams
180 × 60 × 90 mm ​​camera parts, weighs 500 grams

We do not sell this goods in our web shop, but if you are intersted in, please contact us!

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