Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Big KWE, Longtooth Grouper hit!

In japan Longtooth Grouper is one of the High class (expensive) fish which people love to eat in winter time.

116 cm long and weighs 26 kilograms of the
Grouper , the city worker Taisha Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, Japan, Mr. Kazuo Moriyama (54)caught. Fishing is the only parrot in the city in June in Japan. We have been talking about the angler fishing for big series.

Grouper is at around 11 pm Sept. 28 on the island with the town Hinomisaki, frozen mackerel bait, yarn road No. 80, No. 30, Haris wire, No. 45 needles, about 2 minutes per entry No. 50 in weight once the fish up.

Mr. Moriyama was fishing 30 years. Grouper are challenging fishing for 10 years, and is the first hung, "you have the (sea), the moment you enter, first this and I have』, flabbergasted and very big increase in the crazy dream. came true "and are thrilled.

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