Friday, September 3, 2010

Keep fresh your fish after fishing

This is the story of ice water, and without blood. And have a fishing boat, "Aim to ice-water fish is now" the captain heard that advice. But anglers do not protect it "bleeding the first blood" should consider. I am one of them was a matter of fact.

But when I tried to verify this fact recently, the revelation of the face.Actually ice water, and ice fishing in words (Ice water) is called. Correctly refers to the piercing cold ice water.

When you put the fish live here without damage, and stretch the body of the fish by rapidly cooling the blood vessels and also shrink.This tightens the blood vessels so that blood before turning the body is easier to judge is the advantage while maintaining the freshness of fish.

However, many anglers are poured fished from the water cooler, and leave a living fish into the bucket.Say what's wrong with this treatment, as the word rot live fish live fish at first glance, is that changes occur in the body in the environment. In case the fish bucket develop symptoms such as stomach ulcers in humans say.

The fish which is easily affected by sudden changes in temperature, human body temperature is quite different. Understand that this care in the use of fish freshness, we can find it more delicious fish.

People who want more will the blood of fish still. White fish for example, in January or February whether to build the quality of treatment without blood, as well as to affect the taste of sick.So, what is valid without any blood? It begins to discard the idea completely overtake the blood.You get to see in the field, and how bones and hurt themselves while never perfect, and how water enters the cut thing. Ella pig or a hole if you really get rid off the blood, I think I have to put out the blood around the kidney damage?I often hear "broken neck" and "without nerves." This can delay the rigor mortis of fish and bring the effect of extracting a lot of blood.

But the story of fishing on the end.Anglers need to be brought back to the fish in our little damage, you can store and quickly processed. By changing just a few points of concern may draw more fish to umami.

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