Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No1 Striped beakfish in Japan

Japan. Mr. Oyama Hukuda Tomoyasu Izumo self-employed (40), Ura, the only town in size Miho Fish city (plate Taku), the parrot fish of 84.5 cm, broke the national record in 16 years. 2 cm were also updated once the top record in the world of a millimeter. "Extraordinary record" and that the kidnapping of a fellow fishing topics.

Mr. Fukuda, the only aim the nose from the floor too large bay at 11 am June 19. Harris is the 44th entry of yarn road No. 24 wire, # 20 needle only parrot, # 50 weight. Feed on the turban, to wait for 2.5 hours less per. I was taken in hand by the reaction of our strike, strong arguments to the big gut. "Attracted close to something, even Nagarata Sukuiageta in fighting" he said. I measure to bring fishing tackle shops in the city has been designated weigh stations belonging to Shimane Prefecture Rock Fishing Association, weighing 9.2 kg was very big.

Fish was sent to West Rock Fishing Council of the federation umbrella organization, carefully check the review. 84.5 cm were authorized. The previous national record, was caught inches Taku 82.5 cm in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1994. The latest issue of monthly magazine released on July 24 with a nationwide network fishing "in Japan" stamp of approval given.
In one of the current , Izumo, a company executive wealth of the city known fishing expert parrot, Mr. Hiroshi Hitoshi Matsumura (50) "I'm proud to come from Shimane amazing record" and wild with joy. The 20-year history of fishing, five years ago, "King of the surf," says Fukuda parrot aim is "to give away, as he had a big game so many times over his own record of 65 inches, nice," he said.

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