Monday, May 7, 2012

Ayu fishing season began

Ayu fishing season began.

On March 1st, The Ayu - sweetfish fishing has lifted
a ban in many rivers in Japan.

The Ayu is one year fish which live only east Asia and
live only in clean water river, and they grown in summer.

Many Ayu anglers wait for lifting a ban.

Ayu fishing is very unique, they use living Ayu as live
bait to catch Ayu, as Ayu is very territorial fish which
try to drive invaders away from his territory.

You can See this page, it is explained with illustration.

Since Ayu fishing is very popular in Japan, Daiwa, Shimano
and other fishing manufactures sell Ayu products.

The most expensive Ayu rod I have found on Daiwa's catalogue
is about US$5500 which called Grandslim. Which has 9.5meters
long but weight only 252g.

So expensive!!!

Of course, Ayu is very delicious.

It is said that Ayu has sweet flavor with
"melon and cucumber" aromas. I love ayu.
I never felt melon and cucumber,
but it is true that I felt something green...
as they eat waterweed on pebbles or rocks.

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