Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Megabass pagani p200 NEW MODEL 2012

≪Pagani P200 Spec≫
■Bearings: 5BB
■Gear Ratio: 6.1:1
■Line Capa: 8lb./155yards、10lb./123yards
■Weight: 230g
■Drag Max: 3.0kg

Pagani P200 has adopted a tight spool by Naropira structured. Moving distance of the level winder will be over a short stroke, release the line faster, faster initial motion of the spool was. Therefore, it is also faster rotation of the spool itself, can be cast without any stress to the lightweight lure, and then to Kano, a long cast addition. In addition, built by quattro four-axis control servo brake, brake setting can be fine. Reduction has let to the limit in the cast of backlash against the wind. In addition, the Infinite anti-reverse mechanism equipped with, and finished in the top water reel not only optimal plex King, also griffon and shad fishing plug system.

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