Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shimano Vanquish NEW 2012


compact rotor Shimano's lightest & compact rotor Debut!!
Light Magnum rotor succeeded in significant weight and compactness compared to conventional aluminum rotor and carbon resin and the latest 3D design by adopting a "CI4 +" new carbon material. In addition, this lighter has led to a significant improvement in starting torque and inertia. This lighter reel itself is, of course, the reduction of starting torque and inertia that is up significantly and directly feel the rotation sensitivity.

Super magnesium body

Vanquish and the concept of light weight, however, is not only light reel. Strength, durability and solid feel of the reel is a basic performance has secured without redeem lighter.
That gift was adopted Shimano's most prominent state-of-the-art metallic material [Mg super body.
With a reduced deflection and distortion of the body, it is unrelated to performance due to the rotation even in the state such as the fight with Big Fish took an unexpected, high load.
It also boasts the strength of the foot.
Have a high reputation gear system is adopted at the core, to Stella [X-SHIP], which are protected by a lightweight metal body with rugged reliable.

AR-C light spool

Vanquish [AR-C Light Spool] is specially designed for the pursuit of light weight.
Trouble-less performance, long distance performance is intact, cut into thin by up to review and limit the thickness of the parts used, further 4g lighter than 10 Stella 2500S spool spool was the lightest so far.
Shimano's lightest ever update on a par with lightweight plastic spool while using a forged aluminum material.

If you are intersted in this reel, please contact us for the price!!

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