Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shimano Premio 3000 English Manual

Electric reels we sell on our shop are all Japan domestic mode.
It means display and owners manual is in Japanese.
However, Our customers are all foreigners and they do not understand Japanese.

Some of items have English manual as there is foreign model, but most of them do not have it.

So, we send practical English manual which most of function are same and users can understand usage.

However, sometimes, like Shimano Premio 3000 which has no related English manual itself
as this model has only one button while all other Shimano's electric reel has 3-4 buttons.

So, this time, TackelUmi translate Shimano Premio3000 owners manual by ourselves and send to our customer who dose not understand Japanese.

Do not worry, If there is no English manual for new release model!
We TackleUmi try our best to make our original English manual for you!

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