Friday, November 25, 2011

Lily send -Hairtail fish season-

Today, Lily send this mail to Tackle-Umi's customers.

**Hairtail fish season in Japan

Setonai-ocean, the west Japan sea, Hairtail fish
(Tachi-uo) is now becoming the best season for fishing.

Hairtail fishing is not deep, so it is easy to catch.
Even women and older people can easily catch them
because it need not so much power.

However, Hairtail jigging needs technique.
The color of jig, size, and range, you have to
choose right tackle carefully otherwise you can
not catch Hairtail.

In other words, if you can choose right tackle,
you can catch many Hairtail whle other anglers can
not catch Hairtail at all.

But be careful, Hairtail has very sharp teeth
and they bite you even if you put in the cooler.
So, you have to use fishing scissors to hold
them to protect your hands and fingers.

You can watch Hairtail fishing at Shimano TV
(Sorry it is only in Japanese) with below address.

You can realise Japanese Hairtail is very beautiful,
It is really looks like the Japanese Sword = Katana.
In Japanese, Hairtail mean sword fish.

The taste of Hairtail is also very good!

I think Hairtail is the best fish to eat for me
among many delicious fishes in Japan.

I like to eat it just grilled in the oven and
add soy source on it, and eat with steamed rice.
It is best combination dish for me!!

Please try Hairtail fishing and Hairtail dish
when you come to Japan, in Autumn and winter season!!

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