Monday, November 28, 2011

Tackle Umi Newsletter -fishing animation-

Now Japanese animation(Managa: japanese)
is very popular all over the world.

Do you know Japanese animations?

Popular animation examples:

One piece

Dragon Ball




When I was a child,
of course, I liked watching and
reading Manga Animation!

And I sometimes have read Fishing Animation.

The name is Tsuri-kichi-sanpei.
(fishing kid sanpei(name))

I enjoyed reading this animation over 20years ago.


Because I have read this animation,
I liked fishing very much!

How about your country?

Are there fishing animations or novels or tv programs in your country?


We opened the Facebook page.
Please check it.

And we will make new fishing items websites
at Dec or Jan.

We will introduce many japanese fishing items.
(reels ,rods, lures ,hooks etc)

TackleUmi Japan Fishing shop Shimano, Daiwa, Miyamae Electric reel, spinnning reel, baitreel, lod, lure..

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