Thursday, November 17, 2011

Newsletter from Lily! Amusement park fishing!

Today, Lily send this mail to Tackle-Umi's customers.

**Holiday season is coming!

Send fishing tackle to your partner, friend, for Chtismas gift!!

Tackle-Umi will give you Chrismas wrapping set when you purchase for

Please let us know you want this service after you purchase reel
from us. We will send below wrapping set with your item.
(Except accesories and parts only)


Shipping schedule will be very hard as this postal service will be very
busy. So, please purchase Chrismas gift ealier as possible as you can.
Otherwise you miss your Chrismas present!!

**Amusement park fishing!

If you are in middle of Tokyo, and suddenly you want to go fishing, but
you do not have any tackle...What do you do?

Don't worry!!

You can go to "Toshima-en" the Amusement park Fishing Area, where
located in middle of Tokyo. (20min from Shinjyuku-station by train)

Toshima-en release trout,Salmon, amago, and other fresh water fish onto
their swiming pool which is not used in winter season.

They divided for lure, bait and fly fishing.
So you can enjoy the way you want.

Of course, you can rental fishing tackles.

If you come to Tokyo and suddenly want to go fishing,
go to Toshima-en!!

Thank you for reading our newsletter.

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