Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tackleumi newsletter Do you like sushi?

 I am Mikiya Arai, a owner of Tackle-Umi Japanese fishing STORE.

 Nowadays,in Japan,it is autumn season.
 When I go to countryside and temples, I can see beautiful colored leaves! I introduce some colored leaves at the following URL.

 How about your country ?
Can you see colored leaves?

 By the way, Japanese loves fishing but also love to eat fish.
 Most of Japanese love sushi such as tuna, salmon, young yellowtail, sea bream, shrimp, cuttlefish and so on...

 Recently ,many people in many coutries love Sushi I know.
 Please see Japanese sushi pictures. 

Which sushi do you like the best?

 But wait!! 

Could you realise these sushi are not real sushi.
These are plastic sushi sample!!!
 Japanese plastic samle is also the polular suvenier for foreign tourists

 Thanks for reading our newsletter.

 Thank you very much!

 Please contact me anytime!

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